Bedroom Colors and Their Effects

Have you ever wondered if there’s a trick to getting a good night’s sleep? Turns out, there is. Studies have shown that the color scheme of your room directly impacts things like sleep and intimacy between partners. Unfortunately, there’s no color alone that does both.

The best color for sleep is blue. This calming color is best in lighter shades and paired with other light colors like white. Our minds associate blue with calm, peace and serenity. Unsurprisingly, this translates into being able to sleep better. If you want the best effects, paint your walls a pastel blue color and choose your wholesale linens in a blue that is a couple of shades darker. The rest of your room can be decorated with white and wood colors. The combo of white, wood and blue is the best for relaxation and calm. For even more calmness, install a fountain right outside your window in the garden. Listening to water trickle is another way to fall into a deep sleep.

Looking for less calm in your love life? Ditch the blue and choose caramel. Studies have shown that couples who sleep in a caramel colored bedrooms are the most intimate out of all the colors. Surprisingly, red is the color that least promotes passion in the bedroom. Caramel colors look pretty when paired with white. Decorate your room in caramel and see the effect for yourself.

A caramel and blue color scheme might not sound like the most beautiful, but the combined effects of these two colors will make you and your partner much happier in the long run. Use wood and white to act as a transition between blue and caramel since wood and white look good with both blue and caramel. Just avoid red and your love life will flourish.