Things That Need To Be Done Six Weeks Before A Baby Shower

By now you should have the basics like budget, venue and guest lists sorted out. The hard part is officially over and you can start to relax. Don’t relax completely though, since there’s still a few things that need to be done. It’s around this time that you and your co-hosts can start thinking about themes. Whether you go for something simple like It’s A Boy! or Its’ A Girl!  or for something more thematic like fairies and princesses, you need to plan your décor around the theme.

Once you have your theme, send out the invitations. Your invitations need to match the theme and should ask for an RSVP no less than a week before the event. In case some of the guests are from out of town, include a map to the venue and their phone number.

Now it’s time to focus on shopping. First buy the gift you’ll be giving so that it’s out of the way. Monogrammed baby gifts are really popular right now. Once you’ve got your gift, buy decorations matching your theme as well as elegant looking disposable plates and glasses. You’ll be thankful for the lack of dishes afterwards. If you’re having the shower at a venue, skip this step since they’ll most likely provide plates and glasses.

Remember to plan the menu around what the expecting mother likes. If she’s allergic to anything, find out and specify it to the caterers. If your theme is something like fairies or baby girl related, get cupcakes that have pink frosting or other types of food that reflect the theme.

Put together goody bags for all your guests. Include a small item they can keep as memorabilia, like a bracelet if your budget allows it.